I’ve been making music for over 30 years now as a guitarist, singer and songwriter. Each of these collections offers a peak into a different aspect of my playing. The first is my second album, “cusp”, and is made up of all original acoustic instrumentals. The second is a mixture of guitar jamming with electronic music with a project called Wonderlust, and the third is my first album, “ZA”, which is more singer songwriter and jam band influence. Enjoy.

Blending a variety of acoustic styles and looping techniques, artist David Shakiban weaves ambient soundscapes that provide a relaxing and lush atmosphere he refers to as “playing the moment”. Influenced early by the improvisational styles of Santana and the Grateful Dead and later on the electronic music of the new millenium, David carved his own style of “Acoustilectrica”, mixing an array of acoustic and electric guitars and performing throughout the USA and Europe.

After a decade of defining and refining his sound in the band, Jones, and later the band, Free Zaza, David released his first solo album, ZA, in 2003, an exploration into songwriting honoring his early inspirations. His next project led him into marrying his jam style with ambient electronic music in a band called Jack Rabbit with friend Tim Aldridge. Enthused by the response to this new instrumental direction, David next ventured into the art of looping, releasing an all acoustic instrumental album, Cusp, in 2010, followed by a 4 month European tour. Recently David has gone deeper back into his electric guitar roots with a collaboration with producer Mo Corleone in their project WonderLust. 

David is currently excitedly working on his 3rd studio album.

He continues to refine his craft daily, and his music is a perfect accompaniment to casual events or sacred gatherings. David’s music provides a soundtrack for both introspective and social situations, inviting his audience to reflect and connect.